Susto Mezcal Joven

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Brand Susto Mezcal
State Oaxaca
City San Dionisio Ocotepec
Agave Angustifolia
Maguey Espadin
Distillation Copper
ABV 42%
Type Joven
Grind Tahona
Susto Mezcal Joven

Founded by Grupo Compadres, Susto Mezcal is a unique brand that draws on the centuries-old Zapotec heritage of mezcalero Crispin Perez. The brand's name, "susto", refers to a state of fear or fright that, according to local folklore, can be healed by a sip of mezcal. This spirit is crafted in small batches, with agaves roasted in an underground pit, wild-fermented in open vats, and distilled to proof. Notably, Susto is not a white-label brand; the group owns the NOM and production facilities, ensuring a high level of authenticity and quality. A portion of Susto's sales benefits the Oaxacan community, funding educational scholarships for local students. This brand truly embodies the spirit of mezcal, from its production to its community impact.

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