Rey Campero Madre Cuishe

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Brand Rey Campero Mezcal
State Oaxaca
City Candelaria Yegole
Agave Karwinskii
Maguey Madrecuishe
Distillation Copper
ABV ~48%
Type Joven

Rey Campero Mezcal, translating to "King of the Countryside," is a brand that truly embodies the spirit of Oaxaca. Founded by maestro mezcalero Romulo Sanchez Parada, who learned the art of mezcal from his father, the brand is a testament to the rich heritage of mezcal production. Rey Campero is all about high-quality agave, often aging their mezcal in glass before bottling for a softer feel. This family-run business is deeply rooted in the community of Candelaria Yegolé, with mezcal production being a family affair passed down through generations. Their commitment to the land and respect for traditional methods make Rey Campero a standout brand, sharing the wisdom of four generations of the Sanchez family with the world.

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1 Review
February 7, 2024
Five-star mezcal without a doubt

Rey Campero Madre Cuishe is a five-star offering, period. The initial herbal notes hit hard. You also get a mature, smoky profile that’s not too overwhelming. There’s a richness here that’s indicative of the madre cuishe agave, presenting a palate that is both complex and immensely satisfying. The finish is elegant, with a some slight smoke. Basically you can’t go wrong with Rey Campero.

56 Reviews
January 17, 2024
My favorite varietal from a great brand

When I look for a madre cuishe I expect a very light, floral and delicate sip. I’m looking for something less bold, viscous and overwhelming. That’s exactly what you get with this one. The viscosity is light, the nose is floral, and it goes down as smooth as you can get. Highly recommend.

35 Reviews
January 10, 2024

Floral, a little sweet and very soft, almost muted. Nice mineral touch. Tasty!

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