Quiereme Mucho Tepextate

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Brand Quiereme Mucho Mezcal
State Oaxaca
City Ocotlán
Agave Marmorata
Maguey Tepeztate
ABV 45%
Type Joven

"Quiereme Mucho Mezcal" is a brand that prides itself on its deep roots in Oaxaca, the heartland of mezcal. Founded by Eduardo Muñozcano Skydmore, the brand is unique in that it controls all five links of the mezcal production chain, from nursery to marketing. The mezcal is crafted by artisans who transform agave into a special beverage with love and dedication. What sets Quiereme Mucho apart is the presentation of their bottles - each one is hand-painted, making no two bottles alike. The brand is also committed to supporting local artisans, with over 40 people involved in the production process, including 23 native artisans who express their Zapotec art in each bottle. The production is entirely artisanal, with hand grinding of the agave.

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