El Buho Especial Jabali

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Brand El Buho Mezcal
State Oaxaca
City Santiago Matatlan
Agave Convallis
Maguey Jabali
Distillation Copper
ABV 43.50%
Type Joven
El Buho Especial Jabali

El Buho Mezcal, founded in 2010 by Brooklyn-based Michelin star chef TJ Steele, is a brand that marries tradition with contemporary vibes. Produced by the 6th generation Jimenez Mendez family in Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca, Mexico, El Buho is all about handcrafted excellence. The family uses copper pot stills and a traditional recipe to create their mezcal, with each batch overseen by patriarch Octavio Jimenez Monterroza. El Buho, meaning "the Owl" in Spanish, symbolizes the spiritual link between the living and the dead in Mexican culture. The brand's mission is to deliver high-quality mezcal at a fair price, making it a great, beautiful, and affordable choice for mezcal lovers.

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May 16, 2024
Strangely smooth

I wouldn’t typically describe any jabali as “smooth” or “vanilla.” There is NO other way to describe this mezcal. I picked up the bottle from a local bottle barn for $108 and am not disappointed in the least. It’s an unexpected surprise.

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