Burrito Fiestero Joven

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Brand Burrito Fiestero Mezcal
State Durango
City El Mezquital
Agave Durangensis
Maguey Cenizo
Distillation Copper
ABV 42%
Type Joven
Grind Hand
Burrito Fiestero Joven

Born in the northern state of Durango, Burrito Fiestero Mezcal is a brand that embodies the spirit of the Mexican Wild West. The brand was founded by Don Juan Conde in an ancient abandoned hacienda, inspired by the joy of life and Mexican culture. The brand is known for its artisanal mezcal, produced in small batches using traditional methods. They offer a range of mezcals, each with a unique flavor profile, from tropical fruit notes to sweet and spicy finishes. What sets Burrito Fiestero apart is their commitment to sustainability. They are on a path to carbon neutrality, using solar energy in their distillery and milling processes, and implementing a one-for-one reforestation campaign. They also utilize agave byproducts to create eco-friendly alternatives, truly embodying their philosophy of environmental responsibility.

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10 Reviews
July 28, 2023
Recommended for sure!

Tried this mezcal with friends, and we all loved it! It’s got a nice smoky kick that adds to the experience. I’d recommend it for sure.

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