Brand Bozal Mezcal
State Guerrero
City Mazatlán
Agave Cupreata
Distillation Copper
ABV 46.90%
Type Pechuga

Bozal Mezcal, with its roots in the rugged terrains of Oaxaca, Guerrero, and Durango, offers a sip of wild authenticity. The brand's name, "Bozal", captures its essence, meaning "wild" or "untamed", a nod to the wild agaves they meticulously source from these regions' untouched landscapes. These agaves, taking anywhere from 7 to 19 years to mature, are hand-harvested and processed using age-old traditions. They're cooked in earthen pits, crushed by stone tahona wheels, and undergo open-air fermentation. Sustainability is at Bozal's core; for every maguey used, two are replanted. Plus, a slice of their earnings aids local communities. Bozal's simple but iconic bottle design make their mezcals stand out on every shelf.

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5 Reviews
June 14, 2024
$100 a bottle, but worth every dollar

Bozal Pechuga offers a brilliant explosion of flavors. On the nose, expect a refreshing blend of floral, mango, and subtle brown sugar notes. Rich mouthfeel, earthy tones with hints of roasted fruit and a subtle smokiness, finishing dry and clean on the palate. Despite the robust flavors, it maintains a great balance, avoiding being overly intense, which I often feel with a Pechuga.

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