Wild Shot Silver

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Brand Wild Shot Mezcal
State San Luis Potosí
Agave Salmiana
ABV 43.40%
Type Joven
Wild Shot Silver

Wild Shot Mezcal, owned by musician Toby Keith, is a brand that's all about the experience. Founded with the slogan "Blame it on the worm," it's clear this brand doesn't take itself too seriously. Wild Shot is made from 100% Salmiana agave, sometimes referred to as "green" agave in their marketing. This mezcal is handcrafted through a double distillation process, resulting in a crystalline color and a unique flavor profile with soft but perceptible notes of mint, nopal, and maguey. It's designed to be used as a mixer for tequila-style drinks, but the real standout feature is the worm in every bottle, which Keith insists is not just for show, but to be eaten for a special experience.

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