Wahaka Espadin

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Brand Wahaka Mezcal
State Oaxaca
City San Dionisio Ocotepec
Agave Angustifolia
Maguey Espadin
Distillation Copper
ABV 40%
Type Joven
Grind Tahona

Wahaka Mezcal, a brand that's more of a family, is deeply rooted in tradition. The maestro mezcalero, Alberto Morales, not only crafts the mezcal personally but also ensures the world gets to enjoy true artisanal mezcal. The brand is committed to traditional methods, using simple tools and no machinery, which is evident when you visit their palenque. This dedication to the old ways is what makes Wahaka stand out, earning the devotion of artisanal mezcal lovers. It's not just about the mezcal; it's about preserving a rich heritage and sharing it with the world.

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1 Review
February 7, 2024
Neither good or bad

It delivers a straightforward experience with its clear, smoky essence and a gentle undercurrent of sweetness. The smoke is well-balanced, ensuring it doesn’t overpower the mezcal’s natural flavors. It’s an accessible mezcal that offers a simple yet satisfying sipping experience. While it earns three stars for its uncomplicated nature, it’s a solid choice for those new to mezcal or looking for a daily sipper. The finish is smooth, leaving a pleasantly earthy aftertaste.

35 Reviews
August 11, 2023
Cocktail Mezcal

It’s a cocktail mezcal, I would not necessarily recommend it for sipping. But on that price level (found it under $20), that’s what you expect. When you look at it from that perspective, it is not a bad choice. We made palomas with it and also mezcalitas, the smoke comes through, which I liked.

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