The Lost Explorer Tobala

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Brand The Lost Explorer Mezcal
State Oaxaca
City San Pablo Huixtepec
Agave Potatorum
Maguey Tobala
Distillation Copper
ABV 42%
Type Joven
Grind Tahona

The Lost Explorer Mezcal is a brand that produces high-quality, handcrafted mezcal in Oaxaca. Their focus is on sustainable production and supporting the local community, with the goal of becoming the most sustainable mezcal brand in the world. During the production process, this producer pays a lot of attention to water conservation, regenerative agriculture and community building.

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February 7, 2024
Straight 5 stars

Its five-star rating is well-deserved, with a profile that ranges from sweet to a spicy, vegetal bite. The smoke is just right, enhancing rather than masking the natural characteristics of the mezcal. The finish leaves a lasting impression that’s both warm and inviting. It’s a premium choice for those who appreciate the art of mezcal making.

10 Reviews
December 1, 2023

Good earthiness to it, with some nice notes of chocolate and vanilla.

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