Scorpion Reposado

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Brand Scorpion Mezcal
State Oaxaca
Agave Angustifolia
Maguey Espadin
Distillation Copper
ABV 40%
Type Reposado
Grind Shredder
Scorpion Reposado

Scorpion Mezcal, founded in 1996, is a brand that's not afraid to sting. Distiller Doug French, who learned the craft from 3rd generation mezcalero Don Lupe, ensures each bottle of this artisan-made mezcal is crafted in small batches in Oaxaca, Mexico. The brand's slogan, "Worms are for wimps," is a testament to their daring approach, as each bottle contains a real scorpion. Scorpion Mezcal is mostly double distilled in copper, with some special editions breaking this trend. Their Reposado and Anejo offerings are aged in French Oak, adding to the brand's unique character. Scorpion Mezcal is not just about the mezcal, it's about the experience, the surprise, and the audacity.

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