Donaji Joven Ensamble

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Brand Mezcal Donaji
State Oaxaca
City Miahuatlán
Agave Angustifolia, Karwinskii
Maguey Bicuishe, Espadin
ABV ~46%
Type Ensamble

Mezcal Donaji - A name echoing the rich history of Oaxaca, Donaji was a noble indigenous princess from the Zapoteca culture, her name meaning "Alma grande" or "Great Soul". Legend has it that during a conflict between the Mixtecos and Zapotecos, Princess Donaji was sacrificed near the Atoyac river. When her body was discovered, it was in pristine condition, and a wild lily had sprouted from her head, which swiftly became a symbol for the Zapoteco people. While the brand's foundation date and specific philosophies aren't explicitly mentioned, the deep-rooted connection to Oaxacan history and culture is evident. Dive into a bottle of Mezcal Donaji and savor a taste that's intertwined with legends and traditions.

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