Mayalen Guerrero

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Brand Mayalen Mezcal
State Guerrero
City Mochitlan
Agave Cupreata
Distillation Copper
ABV 54%
Type Joven
Mayalen Guerrero

Mayalen Mezcal is a brand that celebrates ancestral craftsmanship, producing mezcal from wild agave Cupreata in the mountains of Guerrero, Mexico. Following a tradition passed down through three generations, Mayalen's mezcal is hand-crafted and 100% organic. The brand is known for its unique triple-distilled Mayalen Borrego, infused with nuts, fruits, spices, and a leg of lamb. Every August, the community of Mochitlán, Guerrero, eagerly anticipates Mayalen's mezcal as part of the Santa Ana fair celebration. With a commitment to preserving heritage and customs, Mayalen offers wild agave species with a variety of flavors, satisfying the discerning palate. The name "Mayalen" is a variant of "Mayáhuel," the Aztec goddess of maguey and fertility.

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