La Venenosa Raicilla Costa

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Brand La Venenosa Raicilla
State Jalisco
City Llano Grande
Agave Angustifolia, Rhodacantha
Maguey Amarillo, Chico Aguillar, Mexicano
Distillation Copper
ABV 45.50%
Type Ensamble, Joven

"La Venenosa Raicilla" is a brand that has been producing a unique type of mezcal, known as Raicilla, for over 400 years in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. The brand was created by Esteban Morales, who sought to bring the diverse expressions of agave distillates from Jalisco to the global market. La Venenosa offers a range of Raicillas, each made by different Maestro Taberneros from distinct regions, using different agave species and techniques. This results in a fascinating journey of flavor and history. The brand is known for its commitment to traditional production methods, including the use of a hybrid Filipino-Arabic still and wild yeast fermentation. Each bottle of La Venenosa Raicilla is a testament to the rich heritage of Jalisco's agave landscape.

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