Clase Azul Guerrero

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Brand Clase Azul
State Guerrero
Agave Cupreata
Maguey Papalote
ABV 42%

"Clase Azul", a brand that began as a dream 25 years ago, is now a global ambassador for Mexican culture. The brand's name, which means "Blue Class", is a tribute to the blue agave from which their spirits are made. Clase Azul is known for its iconic decanter, a unique creation crafted by Mexican artisans. The brand's mezcal, made in Durango, is produced from wild maguey Cenizo, which takes 12-15 years to mature. The agave is milled by hand, a testament to the brand's commitment to traditional production methods. Clase Azul also runs a ceramic workshop, "Tradición Mazahua", where artisans create the brand's decanters. Through the "Fundación Causa Azul", Clase Azul supports artisan communities and young athletes, helping them to fulfill their dreams while preserving their cultural heritage.

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